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Welcome to Sensualmedics

... the centre for female genital surgery in Munich.

Introduction from Prof. Gress


Discover our Procedures from Labia reduction to G-Spot Amplification.

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W  elcome

Welcome to SENSUALMEDICS, the centre for female genital surgery in Munich. We are very pleased that you are visiting our website for information.

SENSUALMEDICS was founded by Prof. Gress in 1995, with the aim of achieving the highest possible level of perfection and precision in intimate surgery for the wellbeing of each and every one of our patients.

The surgical procedures that we perform mostly concern the treatment of impairments and disorders of the female genital area, especially correction of the

  • outer genital area (outer labia, mons pubis)

and the

  • inner genital area (ability to respond to sexual stimulation).

At our centre, we have already operated successfully on more than 5,000 patients from all over the world. We have developed many surgical techniques and therapeutic procedures, which we have published in leading medical journals and presented at renowned international congresses in Plastic Surgery and Gynaecology. These techniques have subsequently become treatment standards throughout the world. Delight in this success is the motivation for further development but, more importantly, it is the basis of our patients’ satisfaction.

We trust you will find the information that you need on our website and look forward to welcoming you in person in the near future.



F  oreword by Prof. Gress

In our short human existence, a great deal revolves around appreciation, especially when it comes to love and sexuality. They are the driving forces of many of our labours, and the inspiration for music, poetry, and art. We therefore expend a good deal of our vital force and energy in striving for these ends.

How we perceive ourselves and our feelings has a great influence on our self-awareness and sexual identity.

The influences of body image on the soul and vice versa have been recognised since antiquity:

“A change in the state of the soul alters the appearance of the body and, conversely, when the appearance of the body changes, it alters the state of the soul as well.”


This external effect takes up a considerable part of our lives. It also requires us to feel comfortable with our own nakedness and happy for others to see our bodies. It goes almost without saying that we should also be free of physical impairment or discomfort, free of pain, free of irritation, and free from feelings of shame.

Surgical modifications of the genital area should do justice to these sensitive requirements, and surgeons who devote themselves to this field should be fully aware of them. The greatest acknowledgment is the joy and gratitude that come with targeted anatomical alterations which ensure that the patient’s mental stress is eliminated once and for all, together with bothersome or even painful physical conditions.

Prof. Gress


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