Medical Center for Labiaplasty &
Genital Surgery - Sensualmedics® Munich

Welcome to Sensualmedics®, the largest European centre for female genital surgery. Our expert team of plastic and aesthetic surgeons, gynaecologists and urologists is specialised in functional and aesthetic operations within the female genital area.

Surgery in the abdominogenital area demands a high degree of operating experience, special knowledge and specialisation. With practical experience for more than 10 years and in excess of 1000 surgeries in the female genital area our surgeons lead the field in Europe. We practice with state of the art technical equipment and the most effective surgery techniques. Sensitive, save, and emphatic!

Sensualmedics gives competent information about all kinds of genital surgery which are designed to correct functional disorders and dispose of  aesthetic problems. Many parts of our surgery programme are also designed to bring back or even increase sensitivity.

A variety of factors may affect the pleasure of sexual lust: changes in the hormone system, the tensions of giving a birth, too long labia, physical ageing, and many others. But there are ways to revert these signs of ageing, to feel young and attractive again and to sexually accept one's own body. Minor surgeries may open the doors to a more fulfilled life. Perhaps more intense than ever.

Since 1995, lots of women have gone this way with us – towards a more self-conscious and untroubled sexual life.