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  • Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Author and publisher for plastic surgery at Springer Verlag
  • Author of many international scientific publications
  • Professor and lecturer in plastic surgery
  • Speaker at the most renowned international congresses on plastic surgery
  • Trainer and mentor for doctors specialising in plastic surgery throughout the world
  • Medicolegal expert
  • Medical insurance expert
  • Emergency doctor

Associations & Memberships



Accreditation in other countries

Recognised as a specialist by the Committee for Continuing Professional Development in Medical Professions in Plastic Surgery in Switzerland since 2006

Specialist registration with the Irish Medical Association, since 2003

Specialisation and particular interests

As a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich, Prof. Gress has particular interests in the surgery of the face, the female breast, and the female genital area. He is known worldwide for his new and innovative techniques in female genital surgery and aesthetic surgery of the eyes, especially correction of the lower lid. Prof. Gress is a pioneer in techniques for intimate surgery, taking a holistic approach to the female genital region with respect to its aesthetics and functionality, restoring and improving sexual stimulation and correcting the outward appearance.

Education & Training

Prof. Gress trains specialists throughout the world in the field of female genital surgery, as well as aesthetic surgery and reconstruction of the lower eyelid. His teaching focusses on imparting his knowledge of the intricate anatomy of the face and orbit, general plastic reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, and the historical development of the most important techniques established in plastic surgery

He himself trained in the following departments

International specialist training in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

  • With Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • With Prof. Sherryl Aston and Prof. Glenn Jelks in New York, United States
  • With Prof. Sam Hamra and Prof. John Tebbetts in Dallas, United States

Medical specialist training

  • Department for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Clinic rechts der Isar in Munich with Prof. Biemer
  • Department for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with Prof. John Mc Carthy at the New York University
  • Departmento da Cirurgia Plastica at the Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro with Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in the department for Plastic and Reconstructive

Surgical training

General surgery, intensive and emergency medicine in various renowned clinics in Munich.
The specialist medical training for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery completed in Germany included micro surgery, replantation and hand surgery, reconstructive surgery after cancer, congenital deformities, burns and accidents as well as the entire aesthetic surgery.

Medical studies 1988-1994

  • Ludwig-Maximilian University and Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil
  • Medical School at the New York University, United States

Prof. Gress about his profession

When I was a young man, I travelled to Brazil, where I had the opportunity to get to know one of today’s leading plastic surgeons and watch him work. It was Prof. Ivo Pinanguy in Rio de Janeiro. I owe my fascination with this medical discipline to this great man and colleague and I decided to follow in his footsteps. During my medical studies and later on in my speciality training, I had the honour of learning and working there as well as in other reputable departments of our specialist field in New York, Dallas and Munich. I am truly beholden to all my teachers and role models to this very day. Today, I pass on my expertise to young colleagues and students who come to us from all over the world to gain work experience.

Plastic surgery combines scientific ambition, surgical skills and artistic talent in a unique way. This fascination has continued to this day and I can say from the bottom of my heart that my profession has filled me with great pleasure and pride every single day I have been allowed to practice it in my long career. I hope very much that I will be able to continue doing so for a long time.