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Congress New York

Congress New York, 12/2018

„The Aston Baker Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium“

Genital surgery at a renowned plastic surgery congress in NEW YORK

The annual Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium under the aegis of Dr Aston and Dr Baker was held once again in December 2018. The venue was the glamorous New York Hilton Midtown Hotel. This symposium is the most prestigious event in plastic surgery, a meeting of the world’s leading experts in the field. All of the speakers are explicitly invited by the organising committee.

For a long time, topics concentrated on the face and neck, but in recent years, the scope has been extended to include the rest of the body: breast surgery and sculpting of the abdomen, legs or arms. Then, at last year’s symposium in 2018, female genital surgery was finally added to the spectrum.

Professor Gress had the honour of speaking on the topic. He gave three lectures: one on state-of-the-art labiaplasty, one on the possibilities of reconstruction after incorrectly performed labial surgery and the third on the surgical possibilities of improving sensitivity to sexual stimulation, especially after childbirth, i.e. vaginal rejuvenation by narrowing and tightening the vagina.

The lecture on the maximum possibilities for labia minora reduction surgery focussed on the indications and technical implementation of Composite Reduction Labiaplasty, a procedure developed by Professor Gress himself. The 1000 or so participants showed a great deal of interest in this presentation. The technique is a true innovation in female genital surgery.

Talking about labial reconstruction necessitated by previous botched surgery, Professor Gress gave examples of the most common mistakes made during these operations and the possibilities for correcting them.

Many women suffer from considerably reduced intensity of sexual stimulation, especially after giving birth. Alternative methods of treatment that attempt to address this matter without surgical intervention were presented at the symposium. In his third contribution, Professor Gress presented the surgical options for tightening the pelvic floor muscles with narrowing of the vagina and simultaneously padding the vagina with autologous fatty tissue.

Questions from the auditorium were invited at the end of each lecture.

The subject of female genital surgery aroused so much interest at this symposium that the organisers, together with New York University, are planning a meeting exclusively on female genital surgery in 2020.

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