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Modelling Mons pubis correction: Reward yourself with a bikini body

Put an end to that bikini bulging. And enjoy your favourite jeans fitting perfectly again. You’ll simply feel better – thanks to a targeted procedure.

An enlarged mons pubis is often caused by hormonal changes. And childbirth too can bring about changes in the fatty tissue – usually of permanent nature, very much to the regret of many women. Physical exercise and dieting can bring some relief, but at some spots they just don't help at all. By performing careful selective suction, we get your mons pubis back into shape.

Just like you, many women have already enquired about mons pubis tightening. Several thousand women from all over Germany have already decided to get help in our clinic in Munich. Since 1995, surgical procedures to treat problems in the genital area have been our speciality The high degree of our patients’ satisfaction with the results we achieve is revealed in our regular survey: Of the 10 possible points, we score an average of 9.2 points.

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We perform mons pubis correction under local anaesthesia on an out-patient basis. Therefore, the procedure does not take much of your time. It will leave no visible scars. We use tiny stiches that will dissolve spontaneously after two to three weeks. Your mons pubis and your whole body will find a new harmonious balance. Only few women experience post-operative pain. In most cases the sensation is similar to that of sore muscles. If you feel very excited before the operation, we can give you a sedative.


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Further information

The mons pubis is also referred to as mons veneris or pubic mound. The slight prominence over the symphysis pubis starts at the labia majora and is typically covered by pubic hair. However, many women choose to shave this region. In some women, the private part is very prominent and cause discomfort or pain. For example, sharp pain may occur when the woman is standing. This may be caused by a softening of the pubic symphysis; however this does typically only occur during pregnancy. In such cases, a gynaecological examination is required to find out what causes this symptom.

Complaints that may be experienced can be treated by a specialist in this field; for example, it is possible to reduce the labia. During sexual intercourse, the mons pubis has a cushioning effect. To elevate possible discomfort or to enhance the sensation during sexual intercourse, some women choose to augment the G spot with injections. Especially women of advanced age like to have their vagina rejuvenated. Sensualmedics European Institute for Female Esthetics is one of the specialists in the field of labia reduction Munich.  After a thorough examination and prior consultation various treatment options are available to alleviate the pain and eliminate the complaints. The Institute offers on its website comprehensive information about the various techniques, procedures as well as the areas and treatment approaches.

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