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Labial augmentation: Makes you feel at ease again when showing yourself

In some women, the labia majora (outer lips) are poorly developed or have become flabby. Therefore, the labia minora (inner lips) and the introitus (vaginal opening) are no longer covered and protected. For the affected women this situation is often very distressing. They like to be at ease again when they are seen, be it in the sauna or by their partner. The procedure may be indicated for health reasons, too. Because ideal protection is no longer ensured, vaginal infections may develop.

Labial augmentation require special expertise and years of experience. In our clinic in Munich, we have performed more than 2,500 procedures in the genital area since 1995. Our sophisticated procedures are based on specifically developed techniques, which have been recognised in the scientific community as leading surgical techniques for years. We are regularly cited in the research literature, at congresses and in the media. With our procedures, we achieve a balanced overall appearance and our patients are very satisfied with these results. This is also demonstrated by our regular survey in which we score on average 9.2 out of 10 points.


The labia are filled and shaped with the body’s own tissue. The aim of the procedure is to create firm and well-shaped labia majora, completely covering the labia minora. To perform the procedure takes about 60 to 90 minutes. It will leave no visible scars. If the surgery is performed by an experienced and specialised surgeon, the complication rate is below two percent


Video: Labial augmentation using autologous fat (lipostructure)

The new tissue remains in place for the rest of the patient’s life in 50 to 70 percent of cases, on average. The remaining cells lose their blood supply and die. Because of the cell loss that tends to occur over the years, we plan right from the start an “over-correction” of the defect. In doing so, we compensate for this loss. Occasionally, a second correction may be required.

For this kind of procedure, typically two to three appointments are required. Following in-depth advice and a pre-examination, you will come to us to undergo the procedure on an outpatient basis. On the morning after the operation, there will be a follow-up examination. After labial augmentation, the patients should refrain from sporting activities and having sex, as these would have a negative impact on the healing process.

We will be pleased to give you personalised advice. Feel free to complete our obligation-free online form and we will get back to you at a time that you choose. Our initial telephone consultation is, of course, free of charge.

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Current Publication from PROF. GRESS

Aesthetic and Functional Labiaplasty

ISBN 978-3-319-60222-6

International textbook by Prof. Stefan Gress, published by SPRINGER in January 2018.

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