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G-Spot intensification and amplification to increase the ability to orgasm (G-Shot)

The so-called G-spot describes a point in the vagina that reacts very sensitively to sexual stimulation. This region, which is the size of a coin, is located approximately five centimetres from the exit of the urethra at the front side of the vagina. The G-spot was named after the German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg. When the G-spot is stimulated, a clear secretion can be produced, which is excreted via glandular exit canals in the vagina or via the urethra. This is also known as female 'ejaculation'. The sensitivity of the G-spot differs from woman to woman. If its volume is extended by injection, this can lead to a significant increase of sexual excitability and improve the ability to orgasm.

Put an end to that bikini bulging. And enjoy your favourite jeans fitting perfectly again. You’ll simply feel better – thanks to a targeted procedure.

An enlarged mons pubis is often caused by hormonal changes. And childbirth too can bring about changes in the fatty tissue – usually of permanent nature, very much to the regret of many women. Physical exercise and dieting can bring some relief, but at some spots they just don't help at all. By performing careful selective suction, we get your mons pubis back into shape.

Just like you, many women have already enquired about mons pubis tightening. Several thousand women from all over Germany have already decided to get help in our clinic in Munich. Since 1995, surgical procedures to treat problems in the genital area have been our speciality The high degree of our patients’ satisfaction with the results we achieve is revealed in our regular survey: Of the 10 possible points, we score an average of 9.2 points.

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We intensify the G-spot by enlarging and arching it upwards through careful injection. For this purpose we either use autologous (body´s own) fat tissue or hyaluronic acid. The aim is to enlarge the volume of the G-spot to twice the size of the original in order to increase the possibility of stimulation during intercourse.

The G-Spot amplification we execute in one of two possible variations:

  • Injection of hyaluronic acid: This intervention is more or less a 'demo'. Within half a year the hyaluronic acid is getting completely removed from the body. Afterwards, the volume of the G-spot corresponds to the volume before treatment. Including preparation the treatment takes about one hour.
  • Injection of autologous body-fat * (lipostructure):With this procedure, the enlargement of the G-spot is permanent. The intervention takes about 90 minutes.

Video: G-Spot intensification with hyaluronic acid

Video: G-Spot intensification (lipostructure)

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