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Female Genital surgery – Treatment in the female genital area

Female genital surgery refers to surgery in the female genital area. In general this includes surgery at the labia, the vagina, the lower abdomen, and the mons veneris. The treatments are designed to remove functional disorders or to compensate aesthetic deficits. Medical studies have shown that about 30 - 40 percent of all women are dissatisfied with their intimate zone. Many women thus suffer from considerable psychic traumas or disorders in their sexual life.

But as well functional disorders in the genital area are much more common than anticipated. Alterations at the labia often cause pain in exercising sports or during sexual intercourse. In many cases, a vaginal canal that has been expanded by vaginal births prevents pleasant feelings during sex. These are limitations which many self-conscious women today to not want any longer to accept.

Many of our genital surgeries are designed for reconstituting or even increasing lost sexual sensitivity.

For more joy of life and sex!