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Our surgical fees

Many times we are asked why there is such a huge variation in charges, especially in the field of intimate surgery. The main reason is that different surgical techniques are used and each procedure not only takes a different amount of time, but also achieves a different outcome.

Typically, fees are based on the duration of the surgical procedures and its complexity.

Since more than 17 years we have been committed to intimate surgery and developed techniques ideally meeting the requirements of this sensitive region of the body. However, these procedures are more time-consuming compared with older techniques, because they attempt to achieve the best possible result.

For example, the reduction of the labia minora is a surgical procedure where there is more involved than just the removal of excess tissue. The labia are reshaped and modelled with fine, absorbable sutures. It takes approx. 2 – 2.5 hours to perform this procedure which costs about € 3,100 – 3,800. The reduction of the labia minora limited to the part below the clitoris or the reduction of just one labium requires less time and costs approx. € 1,900.

Please find below an overview of the costs of the various procedures of intimate surgery which we have compiled for you.

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Reduction of the labia minora only below the clitoris 1.900 €
Reduction of the entire labia minora (also the clitoral hood and below the clitoris) 3.100 €
Reduction of the labia minora including clitoral hood with transfer of the clitoris closer to the vaginal entrance 3.800 €
Reduction of the labia majora and minora is not possible during the same operation  
Reduction of the labia majora 2.800 €
Lipostructure on the labia majora 2.400 €


Vaginal rejuvenation by injecting autologous fat 2.700 €
Vaginal rejuvenation by tissue- and muscle tightening, pelvic floor surgery and injection of autologous fat 7.500 €
With the in-patient interventions additional costs result for anaesthesia and clinic 1.500 €

Effects of motherhood (Mommy Makeover)

Small tummy tuck of the lower abdomen, liposuktion of mons veneris and vaginal rejuvenation by tissue tightening 9.000 €

G-spot intensification (G-Shot)

G-spot intensification by injection of autologous fat 2.400 €
G-spot intensification by injection of hyalurinic acid 1.700 €

Hymen reconstruction

Hymen reconstruction (Restoring of Virginity) 2.500 €

Liposuction of mons veneris

Modelling of the mons pubis using liposuction 2.000 €
Modelling of the mons pubis using lipostructure (augmentation by autologous fat) 2.400 €

All surgeries, all treatments, all materials and the infrastructure are regularly checked on quality, safety and patient satisfaction.